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Unique 2012

Every sip tells a story...

In the splendid village of Monticelli Brusati, where the tradition of viticulture is intertwined with the passion of our family, Unico is born, an extraordinary and fascinating white wine. Aurelio and Emilio, custodians of a long winemaking heritage, give life to this still white which embodies the authenticity and elegance of the territory.


  • Vintage: 2012
  • The Grape Variety : Unico is obtained 100% from Invernenga grapes, an ancient variety from Brescia that has regained its ancient prestige thanks to our commitment to enhancing its unique and refined profile.
  • The Terroir : The Invernenga vineyards extend between Provaglio d'Iseo and Persaga, on clay-limestone soils with the presence of silt and sand, giving the wine an extraordinary minerality which is reflected in its distinctive scents.
  • The Fermentation Method : Our grapes are processed with care and respect, undergoing spontaneous fermentation in concrete tanks. This process preserves the precious natural characteristics of the vine, giving Unico its unmistakable personality.
  • Maturation : For 36 months, the wine rests on its yeasts, enriching itself with complexity and structure. Time is a precious ally, which allows us to create a wine of great finesse and harmony.
  • Aging in the bottle : A further 12 months of aging in the bottle allows for complete maturation and harmonization of flavours, giving Unico the touch of elegance that distinguishes it.
  • Limited Production : Only 1450 bottles of Unico are created with passion and dedication every year, making every single bottle a rare and precious work, a true oenological treasure.
  • Alcohol content : With its balanced 13.5% vol., Unico expresses the vigorous character of the territory, while still maintaining its class and refinement.
  • Without Added Sulphites : At Casa Caterina, the health of our consumers is fundamental. Therefore, Unico is produced with care and attention, without the addition of sulphites, preserving the purity of the wine intact.

Tasting Notes:

Unico reveals itself to the eyes with a fascinating light gold color, giving a preview of the beauty that lies in the bottle. On the nose, it envelops the senses with delicate aromas of toasted almonds, candied cedar peel, white spices and dry biscuits. A play of harmonious aromas, imbued with elegant smoky hints. On the palate, Unico amazes with a buttery freshness, a caress of sensorial pleasure that transforms into a persistent balsamic finish, a final note of rare intensity.

A limited edition of only 1450 bottles, which makes this label even more special, not to be missed.

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