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Here you can find how our company is structured, our philosophy, how we work and our style.

Casa Caterina is a family-run winery located in Monticelli Brusati, in the north-eastern part of Franciacorta. Founded in the 1980s by the Del Bono family, Casa Caterina is today led by the brothers Emilio and Aurelio Del Bono, sons of Francesco and Caterina, who represent a testimony to their commitment to quality and sustainability. In recent years, the new generation who represents the future of Casa Caterina has also joined the company: Paolo, Angela, Marco and Elisa Del Bono.

The Del Bono family is originally from Monticelli Brusati and has a long history of working the land in the area. Since the early years of the new millennium, the Del Bonos have adopted a type of natural agriculture in their vineyards, taking inspiration from biodynamic agriculture and passionately following the principles of respect for the biodiversity of nature and the territory. This artisanal approach is also reflected in the cellar, where indigenous yeasts are used and the use of oenological additives, enzymes and exogenous sugars is avoided.

The Casa Caterina vineyards extend over approximately 7 hectares, divided between the areas of Gaina, Colombaia and Persaga, which are among the best areas for viticulture in the Franciacorta area and stand out for their privileged position, exposure to the sun, soil rich and notable slopes. These factors, together with the use of Gujot cultivation systems, help to guarantee the maximum quality of the grapes grown at a maximum of 80 cm from the ground. The plants benefit from the clay-limestone matrix of the soils and the careful care of the family who works with dedication to produce wines that express the authenticity and purity of the territory.

Casa Caterina Metodo Classico offers a vast selection of sparkling wines, characterized by a non-conformist approach and a unique style. The bubbles are subjected to long periods on the yeasts, with a minimum of 36 months up to 120 months, to develop complexity and character. Each bottle tells the story of a territory and a family that is passionately dedicated to the art of winemaking.

To diversify the still red and white wines with bubbles, Del Bono & Del Bono was created, a unique line of products, the result of grapes processed manually and according to the philosophy of Casa Caterina, increasingly growing with the release of new ready vintages to satisfy the delicate palates of enthusiasts of this world. Del Bono & Del Bono was born as the fruit of the passion of the two winemakers, Emilio and Aurelio, for particular vines such as Pinot Noir, Marsanne, Viognier, Chardonnay and many other niche vines.

Casa Caterina's aim is to offer exceptional wines that combine vibrant character, independent identity and sublime quality. The winery is committed to maintaining its artisanal vocation, producing wines that captivate the mind and senses from the first taste.

If you are a wine lover looking for authentic and innovative experiences, we invite you to discover the magic of Casa Caterina and savor the fruits of passion and tradition that lie behind every bottle.