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EXXENTIAL - Classic Method

We are proud to present to you, EXXENTIAL, a unique and exceptional wine creation. Produced with 100% Pinot Meunieur grapes harvested in our lands, EXXENTIAL was born from the passion and art of the Del Bono family.

The clay-limestone soils of their vineyards are the secret behind the exceptional complexity of this product. The soft pressing, a tradition handed down from generation to generation, keeps the elegance of the wine intact.

EXXENTIAL is aged on the yeasts for a period of 120 months. This long process allows the wine to develop an extraordinary aromatic richness with a light hint of smoke, giving you an unforgettable sip of complexity and refinement.

Characteristics of the wine

  • COLOR: pink.
  • AROMA: a perfect mix of small fruits and a light hint of smoke.
  • TASTE: Exxential is an explosion of flavors in the mouth, it has an excellent structure and good complexity.
  • PERLAGE: fine, persistent but very delicate.
  • ALCOHOL: 12.5%
  • FORMAT: 0.75 cl of pure magic.
  • ALLERGENS: contains SO2 sulphites (in compliance with EU limits).
  • Limited Edition for Special Moments

    With only 1,500 bottles available, EXXENTIAL is a rare treasure. Serve it at 8-10 °C and enjoy its inebriating freshness in the company of your loved ones.

    EXXENTIAL is the perfect sparkling wine to serve as an appetizer and during meals. Its versatility makes it an ideal companion for enhancing the flavors of delicate or complex dishes. Let yourself be amazed by this oenological gem and discover the perfect balance between elegance and sensorial pleasure.

    The company invites you to immerse yourself in a unique taste experience, ideal for all the most important events and evenings to be celebrated with our extraordinary EXXENTIAL.

    For more information or to order, contact us at . Follow us on our social channels and become part of our family. Your next wine adventure is at your fingertips.

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    Giuseppe Celentano
    Un piacere per il palato e la mente

    Nelle loro bottiglie c’è la passione di chi questo lavoro lo svolge con il cuore