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Argical - The "Argical" Classic Method Sparkling Wine is produced following the traditional and natural methods of classic method production, adding a new type of processing which we will now explain to you. The Pinot Noir grapes grown on clay-limestone soils with Gujot systems are harvested with care and attention to guarantee the highest quality of the raw materials. The vinification takes place in steel barrels, together with 10% of the wine which refines in oak barriques, creating an extraordinary aromatic complexity.

This wonderful complexity combined with other important notes is given by a particular process called "batonnage" . That is, a practice of stirring wine where sticks are inserted inside the barrels and their movement causes the noble lees to rise.
This type of treatment gives our wine a great body, a marked acidity and a good structure on the palate, visually we obtain a good color and very intense aromas such as white flowers or as Aurelio and Emilio say "try take a stone of mine earth and smell it, well, in here there are contained the same aromas that you find in wine, after all it all comes from the earth!"

After fermentation, the wine rests on its yeasts for 120 months, acquiring depth and richness of flavors. This sparkling wine is pas dosé, meaning no sugar is added in the disgorgement process, offering unique purity and authenticity.

Argical also stands out for its production without the addition of sulphites. With a sulphite content of only 57 mg/L.

Product Features:

• Grapes: Pinot Noir
• Vintage: 2010
• Production method: Classic Method
• Aging: 120 months on yeasts
• Origin: Gujot, Monticelli Brusati, Italy
• Soils: Clay - calcareous
• Vinification: Steel barrels and 10% in oak barriques
• Sulphite content: 57 mg/L
• Limited production: 2,500 bottles
• Alcohol: 12.5% ​​vol.
• Recommended serving temperature: 8-10 °C

This product is a limited edition, with only 2,500 bottles available. It is the perfect gift for wine lovers and a great choice for celebrating special occasions. We recommend serving this sparkling wine at a temperature between 8°C and 10°C , to fully appreciate its complexity and taste.

Take your palate on a journey of unique and exciting flavors with our classic "Argical" method. Purchase this high-quality bottle today and enjoy an unforgettable experience.

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